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Dear Sir and Madame, dear LSP's & Partners, 

welcome to our information platform for the A-Class! This site serves the continuous information of our LSP's for the logistics handling of our new member in the STAR-family!

In addition to providing all relevant content, we would also like to inform you regularly about all relevant news via the platform. 

If you have any questions, feel free to contact the MFA2 team!

Prolongation of the #INCENTIVE@A-CLASS









Dear Ladies and Gentleman, dear Partners & Service Providers, 

the motivation of our partners, service providers and the drivers is a key success factor for the quality of the outbound supply chain. We have already informed you about the initiaitve #INCENTIVE@A-CLASS. The bonus for the drivers will be paid out until 01.07, further information can be found on the flyer which is available in the Download section

The fyler will soon be dirstributes in the plants Rastatt (054) and Kecskemét (371) in Bulgarian, Polish, German, English, Croatian, Romanian, Czech and Hungarian to inform all drivers about the bonus. 

If you have any further questions, please contact the MFA2 team or write an e-mail to: philipp.p.stumpp@daimler.com !

Market rollout A-Class| Quality@Outbound Supply Chain

We have informed you about the current facts regarding the new A-Class on 24.05.2018 via e-mail.

You can download the german version here.

You can download the english version here.

Current information - The new A-Class





Dear Sir and Madame, dear Partner & LSP,

we would herebly like to inform you about the current status of the #Incentive@A-Class as well as the #Walver of revourse@W177.

Here the download for the english version. 

Loading video A-Class (W177)

The new loading video is now available - the video informs you about all relevant facts in dealing with our new vehicles!


Walver of recourse & Incentives






On 23/04/2018 we have informed you that in the event of damage of the new A-Class we will waive recourse claims for predefined parts. 
Furthermore, we pay you, as our LSP, an incentive per undamaged A-Class. 

More information can be found here on our information plattform. 

Assessment of damage made easy - our quality management Q.DOME

In 2017, we introduced our new Q.DOME quality management system for continuous damage assessment - all relevant information and background can be found on this site or directly on the Q.DOME website:  


If you need a user account, please contact your company administrator directly, or contact the Q.DOME team at qdome@daimler.com. The User Manual can be found below:

User Manual - Administration Functions

Further information on the use of the web application can be found here:

User Manual - Damage Management

The new Mercedes-Benz A-Class 2018: World premiere

The new A-Class is presented. Convince yourself of the new Mercedes-Benz car.


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