Data Communication with Daimler AG

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) of delivery note and transport data

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) of delivery notes in accordance with the messaging standard of the German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA) is used for communication with Daimler AG. Against this backdrop, the supplier is therefore obligated on his part to provide for and utilize the necessary prerequisites for communicating with Daimler AG via EDI.

Possible methods:

1. Standard EDI transmission as per VDA (4913) or EDIFACT (DESADV)
To set up a standard EDI configuration within your own system, first a procedure and data test must be conducted. An exact description of this can be found in the EDI Manual, EDI Manual, Chapter 11 (see useful information and manuals).

2. Transmission of delivery notes via the Internet (System IBL "Data Quality Management" (DQM) application in the Daimler Supplier Portal)
The DQM application in the Daimler AG Suppliers' Portal is available for transmitting EDI delivery notes via the Internet. No procedure or data tests are necessary for this.

For general questions regarding EDI, please contact our Hotline under + 49 (0) 7031-90-77339 or via e-mail at: