Daimler Trucks North America

Environmental Management Requirements

  • Be familiar with Daimler Trucks North America's Environmental Policy.
  • Be familiar with Banned Substances, Restricted Substances and New Chemical Approval Procedure 09EM-PROC014 and Chemical Approval Request Form 09EM-R010.
  • Drive responsibly on our site. Accidents can cause release of fluids or materials.
  • In the event or observation of a spill (e.g., a release from a fuel tank, a spill of materials being delivered, etc.), immediately report it to the facility security organization.
  • Put general trash in proper refuse containers; and materials for recycling in designated containers.
  • Properly dispose of all waste liquids and materials in approved containers. While on our property, DO NOT dump anything in above or below grade drains, watercourses, sewers, trenches or pits.
  • You may download Daimler Trucks North America Environmental Management detail documents from the Reference tab above.