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Fuso Mitsubishi Fuso is Asia's premier commercial vehicle company, with top market shares in Japan, Indonesia and other Asian markets. Built on over 70 years of rich heritage and a track record of superior customer focus, the company employs 16,000 people worldwide. Mitsubishi Fuso is committed to expand its leadership with the benefit of the company's alliance with Daimler. As of March 10, 2005, our main shareholders are Daimler (85%) and various Mitsubishi group companies (15%).

Fuso Supplier Web

FUSO Supplier Web provides our suppliers information such as production planning, parts arrangement, quality management and so on. It is accessible only by FUSO suppliers.

SWAN web for CAD data exchange

SWANweb is the "System for the worldwide exchanging of engineering data", which offers automation and security for the information and data exchange between suppliers and FUSO.

Regional Information

Fuso 2015 - our goals and direction for the next three years

After having successfully completed the realignment program from 2009 to 2010 and recovered from the historical Great East Japan earthquake disaster, Fuso is now embarking on a new journey called "Fuso 2015".
"Fuso 2015" is a holistic improvement program, aiming to improve in all aspects. It comprises a five-pillar strategy for Fuso's future:

  •  Leader in Green Innovation                 
  •  Customer #1 Japan
  •  Profitable Global Player
  •  Efficiency Leader
  •  Employer #1 in Our Industry/Markets
Please find further details on each of the five goals in the download section of the right column.

Daimler Trucks Unveils New Fuso Great Truck

  • Sales of new Fuso Super Great start today in Japan
  • Fuso 6R10 engine from Daimler Trucks' New Engine Generation celebrates its premiere in Japan
  • Fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly truck complies with what is currently the world's most stringent emissions standard, JP09




Meeting for concept of "End of Life" process on after sales parts

MFTBC held a Supplier meeting for "End of Life (EOL)" process concept in Kawasaki on September 30th. MFTBC aims the reduction of suppliers' shoulder burden and keep steady supply from the suppliers.

Environmental Activities

Environmental Technology with "Canter Eco Hybrid"
New Paint Shop for Environment and Product Quality
Social Responsibility

Find More detail documents from the Downloads.