MB ExTra LLC was founded in 2017 and is a wholly owned subsidary of Daimler North America Corporation. The task of the organization is to manage the supply chain from US suppliers to non-US Mercedes-Benz Cars & Vans plants.The core functions of MB ExTra are supply chain management, quality management, supplier quality management, and capacity management. Those functions are staffed within the organization, while the administrative functions are acquired from its sister company Mercedes-Benz U.S International, Inc (MBUSI).

Once fully operational MB ExTra will be responsible for approx. 40 suppliers to 15 Mercedses-Benz Cars & Van production facilities around the world. Delivery to the first plant in Mexico went live in Summer of 2018 with the next 4 major plants ( Rastatt, Sindellfingen, Bremen and Kecskemet) following in 2019 and the remaining plants in 2020. 

The offices of MB ExTra are located on the campus of MBUSI in Vance, Alabama. Currently MB ExTra also operates a logistics hub in Laredo Texas for the physical parts consolidation for the shipments to our Mexican production facility.

While MB ExTra operates under the standards of Daimler in North America, some of its documents are individualized to the name of our organization. Those documents can be found in below section.



 Supplier Communication Handbook

 Labeling Specifiction

 MB ExTra 820

 MB ExTra 830

 MB ExTra 856 JIS

 MB ExTra 856 JIT

 MB ExTra 866