The Daimler Supplier Network (DSN) supplier cooperation model relies on selective partnership. It is to pay off for top performers, create incentives for the entire supplier base, and offer potential partners an opportunity to better get to know us and our objectives.
We want to take responsibility for the future together. In our view, the target-oriented, efficient collaboration between automakers and suppliers is the only right way to master challenges and deliver top performance.


The Daimler Supplier Network Philosophy

The DSN philosophy provides the basis for the collaboration between Daimler and its suppliers. Collaboration based on trust and open communications are very important to us. We also place high demands on sustainable business practices.


The Daimler Supplier Network-Pyramid 

The Daimler Supplier Network categorizes our supply base in four segments: Potential Suppliers, Suppliers, Key Suppliers and Strategic Partners. The higher the segment, the higher the mutual expectations & commitments. The segmentation involves a close examination of the criteria of "Innovation", "Performance" and "Purchasing Volume" and is updated annually by Procurement.

We look for especially innovative partners, regardless of whether this involves technological, economic or strategic pioneering work. Innovation capability is an important component in the Daimler Supplier Network and is gaining in significance in sourcing decisions.

We not only encourage suppliers to contribute top performance to our joint work, we also evaluate these performances. Our drivers for this evaluation are: Quality, Innovation, Supply and Cost. In this way, we ensure that special commitment bears fruit for both sides in the long run and pays dividends for you.

Purchasing Volume
In addition to innovation capability and performance, the scope of the collaboration with us is also a factor. You qualify as a strategic partner if you are among the suppliers that generate the highest revenues with Daimler.

The goal of all our partners should always be to make the jump to the top of the pyramid: from "Supplier" to "Key Supplier" and ultimately to "Strategic Partner".


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Daimler Supplier Award

Every year, Daimler honors its best suppliers with the Daimler Supplier Award. For top performance in the categories of Quality, Partnership, and Innovation.

All Key Suppliers and Strategic Partners are invited.




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Supplier application

We aim to establish business relationships with potential suppliers in existing and new markets. We want to give potential suppliers the opportunity to get to know and understand the company, our values and our quality demands.

Do you want to apply as a supplier at Daimler for non-production material – please follow the link: become-a-partner.