Global Engineering Workplace (GEW)

What's GEW?

You want to work worldwide with engineering IT systems by using only one portal?

Use GEW!

Global Engineering Workplace is a solution that provides a virtual workplace with access to engineering
applications for international RD sites, suppliers and Joint Ventures.


What are the benefits of GEW?

Get all RD information you need by using only one single entry point. Furthermore there is fast and flexible
access to RD applications and global support won't be a problem.


Looking for the right option of GEW?

The following options are provided for GEW.



How can suppliers get connected?

Prerequisites for business partners on company level:

  • Get a business partner connection in a Pre Connect meeting together with RD Partner Connect Team.
  • Sign off the Engineering IT framework agreement.
  • An ISO risk analysis has to be done for the business partner.


Prerequisites for business partners on user level

  • CD User
  • AD User including email address
  • Vasco Token
  • Access rights for GEW
  • Access rights for applications within GEW
  • Access rights for data within applications


As an external user you have to do the following:

  • Get the latest Citrix Receiver version on your own computer or laptop.


Who should I contact to get GEW?


RD Partner Connect Team


Phone:  +49 7031-90-76100