Purchasing Conditions IPS

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Important information regarding the employment of sub-contractors

To protect the interests of business partners regarding the design of transparent business relations, Daimler AG must be notified of all employed sub-contractors. The contractor may only deploy the designated sub-contractor after written approval has been granted by purchasing.

The form for approval of sub-contractors can be found at Daimler Downloads > Supplier Documents > Procurement Non-Production Material (IPS) > 50 – Attachments > 50 – Subcontractor >  Form for Approval of Subcontractors (NP.50.50.100).

Approval for sub-contractor relates solely to the activities stated in this form. If the contractor intends to deploy further sub-contractors or to deploy sub-contractors for other Daimler AG orders, then this form must be completed again and submitted for approval.

Informationen zum Einsatz von Fremdarbeitskräften

Im folgenden Leitfaden finden Sie wichtige Informationen zum Einsatz von Fremdarbeitskräften bei Werk-/Dienstverträgen. Bitte beachten Sie, dass Sie zum Download und Ansehen der Datei im Daimler Lieferantenportal angemeldet sein müssen!