What are we offering?

The sustainability ELearning

Daimler AG also offers you a free eLearning training module on sustainability in the supply chain, effective immediately. The training module was developed in cooperation with the American Automotive Industry Action Group (AIAG) and five other automakers. The offer is to ensure compliance with sustainability requirements in the supply chain. The eLearning course represents a continuing education option that is easy to use for suppliers. A special feature is that you are able to offer this training class to your own employees and to suppliers. The free web-based training provides basic knowledge on the importance of sustainability. The topics range from corporate ethics and working conditions to human rights and environmental standards. The training participants also learn how requirements can be met in the own company and in the supply chain. You will receive a certificate of participation after completing the course. You can register for the training on the website of the automotive association AIAG (https://www.aiag.org/).

The Daimler Compliance & Integrity ELearning

This ELearning will be offered soon.

The Training video „respecting human rights in the supply chain"

With this ELearning you can improve your Sustainability knowledge regarding human rights. This module contents our concrete expectations regarding a company's duty of care when it comes to human rights ("human rights due diligence"). These are described using practical examples as well as a brief checklist showing how to improve conditions in supply chains. For example with respect to working hours and safety in the workplace. You can  receive instructions as well as more detailed information as support. This module was established in cooperation with econsense.

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