What do we request?

Daimler Supplier Sustainability Standards

Our Supplier Sustainability Standards define our requirements for working conditions, human rights, environmental protection and safety, and business ethics and compliance. They are a binding component of the contractual conditions and form the basis of all of our business relations with manufacturing suppliers and service providers worldwide. By signing the contract, our direct suppliers commit to observing our sustainability standards, communicating them to their employees, and spreading them to their upstream value chains. We support them in this through targeted information and training measures. The Daimler Supplier Portal serves as the central information platform.

Certified environmental management in the supply chain

We expect our suppliers to take responsibility for the environment. That is why we request proof of certified environmental management according to ISO 14001, EMAS or other comparable standards. Please upload your environmental certificates in the certificate management system Certus  and update them on a regular basis. We also expect selected suppliers of non-production material to have an environmental certificate. The selection takes place on the basis of a risk filter.

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Social standards for contracts for work and services.

Our standards for the awarding and performance of contracts for work and services extend beyond the scope of the valid legal regulations. They contain requirements for occupational health and safety, accommodation, remuneration, use of temporary employees, commissioning of subcontractors, and freelance work. This applies for all orders, which exceed a period of two months, and are realized on the company premises of Daimler AG in Germany. Relevant providers must sign a declaration concerning their compliance with the standards. This is a required prerequisite for receiving new orders. An audit team from Procurement reviews whether the standards are being observed.

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